EP293 Samantha Gollikner on Healing, Following Divine Guidance, & Staying Present

Samantha Gollikner, Psychic, Medium, Author & Healer ([email protected]) talks with host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner (http://www.sherylsitts.com) about:

  • Was Samantha always open as she is now? She discusses her childhood, the role of spirituality and religion, seeing dead people, and how these psychic and healing abilities have helped her with anxiety, depression, death, anger, self-harming, and more
  • How Samantha blends psychic and healing arts to work with clients and the nature of symbols in messages from her guides (for example, why ducks correlate with luck and money for Samantha)
  • What helps Samantha trust the messages and guidance she receives, and how she knows what to trust
  • How Samantha stays clear and maintains a high vibration amidst even the most chaotic times by living in the present moment and finding peace there. She shares her top practices with us!
  • Sheryl puts Samantha on the spot by asking her how her non-traditional healing arts appearance in casual jeans, t-shirts, tattoos and such help her connect with clients. Samantha gives a delightful response!
  • Samantha discusses what she means by “energy work” when she is bringing clarity, focus and healing to clients
  • Pain as a catalyst for awakening and spiritual growth
  • How Samantha empowers us to get our own answers so we won’t need to return for readings in the future (and Sheryl touches upon the value of readings when we are opening our own psychic channels to provide confirmation for us in building our confidence)
  • How sunrises and sunsets can help us open our psychic awareness and receive messages for ourselves
  • Samantha channels a message for us from her guides and shares upcoming events at which we can connect with her

…and more. Enjoy!

Sheryl & Mario Rosales (https://www.MarioRosales.com) invest time, money and energy into this show with the intent that it help us all remember who we really are. Your financial support is deeply appreciated at https://www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com/Support. Thank you!


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