EP282 Sheryl & Mario The Heart & Soul of Technology

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Practitioner & Broadcaster (https://www.sherylsitts.com) talks with Mario Rosales, Astrofractals, Tech Shaman, IT/Website Services and Show Creator / Producer (http://www.mariorosales.com) about the heart and soul of technology, specifically

  • How technology can help us open our hearts and fill our souls, specifically virtual reality and programs like Oculus
  • The ways that technology can help us prepare to better use our own gifts and talents, or our “spidy senses” as they may be called
  • How technology is used in tandem with therapy to help us overcome our fears and anxieties
  • The human body as technology, in the words of one South American shaman
  • Recycling to help us honor gaia while still enjoying technology
  • The programmable nature of crystals and how technology mirrors that for us as well
  • The digital divide and how low-income families struggle to connect at the levels many of us take for granted
  • Censorship and the role of the media in these times and how we can control much of that with the power of our choices
  • How the real heart and soul of technology always lie within the users and it is up to us to use our discernment to pause, unplug, and carefully choose what we “feed” our minds and souls

…and much more!

Sheryl & Mario Rosales (https://www.MarioRosales.com) invest time, money and energy into this show with the intent that it help us all remember who we really are. Your financial support is deeply appreciated at https://www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com/Support. Thank you!


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