EP275 Blindsight A Quantum Conversation with Mikal Masters on Exploring Possibilities

Mikal Masters, singer, songwriter, musician, publisher, TV host, voiceover artist, and author (YouTube Channel Blindsight 111 and music website https://www.tortugans.com) is our tour guide exploring quantum possibilities with host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Broadcaster/Speaker, Writer, & Practitioner (https://www.sherylsitts.com). Together they discuss:

  • His book Blindsight: A Quantum Life in a Human World (available for purchase at https://amzn.to/3zsq78y and a small affiliate fee is paid to us in support of the show without any additional cost to you)
  • How high fevers during childhood illnesses gave him first-hand experiences that led Mikal to spend much of his life compiling this book to share
  • A few minutes diving into quantum reality to explore how much more is happening in what we call “reality” than we can access through our senses
  • What is meant by breathe-play-now and how that is a gateway to transcend our smaller perceptions of life and access the quantum realms of reality
  • What are we really doing here? We explore this at around 18 minutes.
  • How beliefs limit what we can experience and know about the true nature of ourselves
  • How “us versus them” deeply entrenched us in the addictive cycle of duality and how we can shift that to really achieve harmony and personal/collective evolution
  • What is meant by “I” and why would we call ourselves anything else?
  • Bedtime Imagination games (https://www.bedtimeimagination.com) to help children, including those on the spectrum or identified as having learning challenges and those having survived trauma, and why these are so important

…and much more!

Sheryl & Mario Rosales (https://www.MarioRosales.com) invest time, money and energy into this show with the intent that it help us all remember who we really are. Your financial support is deeply appreciated at https://www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com/Support. Thank you!


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