EP256 David Arkenstone Barnett Atlantis Rising on Exploring Possibilities

David Arkenstone Barnett, Photographer, Painter and Lecturer for Atlantis Rising NZ (https://www.facebook.com/canterbury.et.connection/) shares his research and insights about Atlantis Rising with host Sheryl Sitts, Possibilities Facilitator & Holistic Practitioner (https://www.sherylsitts.com). In particular, David discusses:

  • How he came to dedicate his present life to the study and teachings about Atlantis
  • Why “Atlantis Rising” and what is the connection to New Zealand?
  • A historical background of Atlantis
  • Where was Atlantis?
  • Was the origin of Atlantis in the stars?
  • What role does New Zealand play and who are the star beings who are helping us on Earth?
  • The forthcoming return of the Anunnaki
  • What changed on our planet back then?
  • The Hollow Moon theory, the origin of the moon and its gravitational effects on Earth
  • Where is present-day Atlantis?
  • What are the crystal harmonic generators and how are they used? Could they hold the key to future power on our planet?
  • How Tesla connects to all of this, and a bit about the power of the numbers 3, 6, and 9
  • How UFOs use ley lines and how they can power our planet

and more!

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