EP245 Maria Papaspyrou & Chiara Baldini Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine

Maria Papaspyrou,MSc, BACP (Accred) Psychotherapist & Family Constellations Facilitator (https://www.towardswholeness.co.uk) and Researcher Chiara Baldini who studies the evolution of ecstatic practices in the West (https://chiarabaldini.academia.edu/) talk with Professional Broadcaster & Possibilities Facilitator Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) about their shared efforts in the editing and publication of a compilation of essays entitled Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine as well as:

– the psychedelic culture, music, and dance that has existed and evolved through the years and the Western “cult of ecstacy”

– blending psychedelic and psycho-therapeutic practices to heal the feminine energies personally and collectively that exist within both men and women and how that empowers our society and us individually

– the absence of women in modern images and presentations about the healing and expansion available through such altered states of consciousness and how this compilation project has helped to raise women’s voices on the overall healing that comes through feminine and goddess practices/energy

–  “femtheogens” to elevate the feminine archetypal wisdom, qualities and ways of being that have been relegated into the shadows in our modern social and political culture such as our oneness, creative fertility,and navigating to find our rightful place within this world which may have become isolated and separated in our modern culture.

– how this collection of essays depicts all the different ways the feminine energies can be integrated back into our consciousness

– the role of women in the cult of Dionysus and how contemporary scholars have interpreted by downplaying and distorting the original sources about women’s importance in these practices when they were actually the facilitating priestesses of these rituals

– how men and women can both benefit from working with and healing and balancing not only the feminine energies but with both the masculine and feminine archetypes.  Even the masculine has become distorted, and whatever that looks like inside ourselves, or however imbalanced our masculine and feminine energies are within will show up in how we express in the world.

– viewing the masculine and feminine energies in a three-dimensional way beyond the duality of masculine/feminine to more of a spectrum from shadow to light

– the process of disintegration and reintegration from order to chaos to ideally greater order (taking our sense of self apart and putting it back together) in these experiences and in the days and weeks that follow and how that can help us in daily life.  The importance of the ego throughout this process.

…and much more.

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