EP239 Melanie Weller The Vagus Nerve, Mythology & Archetypal Healing on Exploring Possibilities

Melanie Weller, Medical Visionary (https://www.MelanieWeller.com) visits with Host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) about:

– The Vagus Nerve, why that has become central to her as she became a stress management expert, in helping clients recover from trauma, and how that can also reconnect us to physical pleasure.

– How working with the vagus nerve can help with things like heart disease, insulin resistance and more!

– The work Melanie does with her weekly Archetypal Healing group

– Why Melanie feels “we make healing way too hard” and how she simplifies us to be more receptive

– One thing that improves a lot of places in the physical body

– How astrology & myth show up in the body and how working with that is much easier for many of us to open up and receive than a more traditional clinical approach

– How healing pain transcends linear earthly time as we understand it (ref. the way the Egyptians believed time exists)

and much more.  You will enjoy Melanie’s unconventional approach and simple, streamlined self-healing techniques.

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