EP235 David McCready The Great Simulator (Earth), Astral Travel & More on Exploring Possibilities

(Originally recorded Nov. 2018 on YouTube Live at https://youtu.be/p4xSo4kyCs4) David McCready, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Author & Founder of McReady & Associates (https://GreatSimulator.com) tells host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach & Practitioner (https://www.SherylSitts.com) about shifting from structural engineering to helping us awaken to what’s really going on here on Earth and evolve into higher realms through astral travel. A few of the topics they discuss include:

*What is really going on here? Is it like The Matrix?

*If this isn’t real, does it even matter? What’s the point?

*Why learn to astral travel?

*How can breathing help us?

*How do you anticipate “disclosure” will look? Lots of UFOs landing?

*What is it like ‘out there’? Is it hostile or peaceful?

*What is our “special effects team”?

*Is karma real and are we stuck in cycles?

*Who or what is God? and MORE!

Sheryl & Mario Rosales (https://www.MarioRosales.com) invest time, money and energy into creating professional quality content every week to help you transform life from the inside out.  Please show your appreciation with support in any amount at https://www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com/Support. Thank you!


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