EP230 Nico Holloman A Joyful Quantum Journey Inward on Exploring Possibilities

Nico Holloman (@nicoholloman on all social media channels) is an underground musician, spiritual speaker, coach and the youngest to explain Ra’s Law of One teachings on YouTube (watch at https://youtu.be/acQWwxX6Ti0).  He joins host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) for a conscious conversation in which they discuss (among other things):

– how challenges with severe eczema led to Nico’s spiritual awakening at the young age of 14

– his realization of himself as the observer and how meditation takes him to the true inner realm of reality

– how he now perceives the holographic reflective nature of life on Earth

– distinguishing between being the body, being the mind, and the true nature of ourselves

– how we are always manifesting this reality and the power of working with manifestation as an entry point to learning more about our true nature

– the power of music and sound

– his international band Mutations and their music being made available one song at a time on SoundCloud

– how he sees himself blending spiritual and earthly joyful living into the future

– the common pitfall among spiritual people when it comes to conspiracy theories

– the shift from religion to spirituality

– how belief creates reality

…and more.  Stick around for his parting thought, too.  It’s a good one!

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