EP227 Ben Vonderheide Dogon & Nomoli Sacred Stone Figurines on Exploring Possibilities

Bennet J. “Nomoli Ben” Vonderheide (https://www.ancientalienstones.com) talks with host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) about the sacred Nomoli carved figurines he recently wrote about in a blog post on her website at https://www.journeyofpossibilities.com/nomoli-unknown-ancient-alien-stones-by-bennett-j-vonderheide/.  In this talk, they discuss:

– how he acquired these stone figurines from a friend who was in West Africa near Sierra Leone seeking diamonds

– who buried them, he later discovered through research

– his discovery that no one else is sharing this information and more subsequent research to learn the truth about these stone figurines

– the healing properties reported by others using these stones

– who Ben discovered the Nomoli to be and how he learned they came to Earth after misbehaving

– his research into the Dogon tribe from Sirius and how they were connected by proximity to the Nomoli

and much, much more about Nomoli Ben and these “Ancient Alien Stones”.

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