EP221 Raphaelle Tamura Our Spiritual Connection to Animals on Exploring Possibilities

Raphaelle Tamura, Psychic, Teacher &  Healer (https://www.MichaelTamura.com)  talks with host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) about her upcoming book and psychic connection to her pets and wildlife.  In this show, we discuss:

– her beloved dog who has reincarnated three times (and she’s coming back again!) in Raphaelle’s one lifetime.  We discuss the Akita breed of dogs which she was in one incarnation and also her struggles with epilepsy.

– how our pets (and wildlife) communicate with us

– things to keep in our hearts and minds when our animal companions transition

– the soul missions of animals and how they work with human souls here on earth and in the afterlife!

– soul families and the oversouls of animal species

– what our animal companions want us to know

– the karma our animal companions are working out with one another and us

– some words of comfort for those who are abused

– one surprising special (interspecies) role birds play

and much more!  We discuss dogs, cats, birds, mountain lions, and the animal kingdom overall in this insightful conversation.

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