EP218 Gracen Lynch On Autism, Trauma, & Reframing Language on Exploring Possibilities

Gracen Lynch, Founder of The Language Box Perspective opens up to host Sheryl Sitts about being so conflicted in his youth he tried to take his own life…unsuccessfully, adding an undiagnosed concussion to his undiagnosed autism!  Despite his Mensa-level IQ, he was unable to care for himself, living in hospitals and among (and temporarily becoming) the addicts, the indigents, the mentally challenged.   He was also a gay man and believed God hated him for that.  Gracen discusses his brain injury, how he navigated extreme loneliness, isolation, and depression, and how he has come to find happiness and now helps others reframe their reality through the words they tell themselves and others, busting themselves out of “the box” and into empowered living.  *Note: the Facebook group, founded by Sheryl Sitts and Eva Marquez, where Sheryl met Gracen is Harmonic Convergence 333.  Join them!)


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