EP217 Rebroadcast Dr. Nicole Apelian from ALONE on Medicinal Plants, Kalahari Bushmen, & Natural Wellness on Exploring Possibilities

REBROADCAST (from 2/10/2019) Former Alone Cast Member Dr. Nicole Apelian, PhD, Wilderness Living Skills Instructor, EcoTours International CEO & Guide, Indigineous Tourism & African Ethnobotany (https://www.nicoleapelian.com) and host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) have a fun discussion about:

– her role in Seasons 2 and 5 of The History Channel series ALONE

– raising children with a healthy connection to nature and the outdoors

– being a feminine woman who can “rough it” alongside any man

– balancing the demands of modern life with time outdoors

– what she has learned (and continues to learn when she returns each year) from the San Bushmen of Africa’s Kalahari desert

– how she has overcome debilitating Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) in the past 20 years to live a healthy, active lifestyle with ayurveda, natural herbs and tinctures, organic foods, and mindfulness practices (see her blog https://www.nicoleapelian.com/blog/manage-multiple-sclerosis/)

– her favorite mindfulness practice of gratitude and (how she integrates that into her classes, business meetings and more)

– the importance of spending 30 minutes a day in what she calls a “sit spot” to connect with nature

– why the wilderness survival skills she teaches would be beneficial for all of us to learn

– 3 medicinal plants to help all of us avoid or shorten our time with colds and flu (they aren’t the ones you expect!)

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