EP203 Allayah Frisch Crystal Skulls & Ancient Artifacts on Exploring Possibilities

Allayah Frisch (https://www.Facebook.com/Sanctarii) talks with host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about her near-death experience or NDE and how she was told to come back to Earth.  Since that time she has taken on a new name, a new interest in ancient history, and a passion for collecting ancient Atlantean and Lemurian energy tools and crystal skulls.that help empower us to remember who we are.  Allayah hosts live talks on her Facebook Page Emerald Ray Sanctarii and has plans to convert her home into a sanctuary for awakening and enlightenment.  Allayah and Sheryl also discuss how they met through Harmonic Convergence 333 (https://www.Facebook.com/HarmonicConvergence333) and their galactic connections.  NOTE:  Click HERE for the YouTube discussed in the interview about the Ancient Crystal Skull story.


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