EP192 Ubuntu Part 1-Global: Founder & Visionary Michael Tellinger on Exploring Possibilities

Michael Tellinger, Visionary and Founder of Ubuntu (UbuntuPlanet.org) tells host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) how unveiling the vanished civilizations of South Africa and the largest collection of stone ruins found in the world to date led to his liberation movement and philosophy of contributionism.  Michael starts by sharing his research on the true origins of money and then distinguishes this “One Small Town Can Change the World” philosophy from intentional communities as they use existing towns and capitalist structures to bring forth radical change and abundance for all.  He goes into the model in a bit of detail and shares the success Mayor Ron Higgens and his town are experiencing in N. Frontenac, Ontario, Canada with a stream of investors wanting to participate.  Books mentioned include Slave Species of the Gods and African Temples of the Anunnaki. Youtube intro to Ubuntu is HERECLICK HERE FOR PART 2: D. Mike Reed shares his work as the Kansas State Coordinator for Ubuntu Planet and their local model efforts near Kansas City.


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