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Entrepreneurship: When Business Models Simply Don’t Fit Your Style

doe-430238_1280Collect everyone’s email address and then spam them to death to “buy my shit”?  No thanks!

Change my dream so it’s more “commercially viable?”  I don’t think so.

Pay for all these “essentials” and then beef up my prices to cover it all in the name of “professionalism”?   That’s just not me!

While I firmly believe in standing in my value as a service provider, I also believe in finding ways to live my passion that are cost effective for those I want to serve.  Why should it cost a fortune to connect, inspire, and empower awakening women?  Nothing against money, but I look around and see a lot of people already doing that business model.  The world doesn’t need more high-cost “Holly-woo-woo” capitalizing on raising our collective vibration.  I have done enough on both sides of money and karma to be happy now just living my passion and reaching people with a message.  Just because I’m not following the popular “tried and true” business models doesn’t mean I don’t know them.  I choose to walk a different path, and that seems to necessitate inventing it as I go.

I receive so many messages from well-meaning business gurus who presume that because I don’t have a “landing page” where I capture every visitors email (in order to spam them to death in the future) I must not “get it”.  Just to set the record straight, I have two degrees and have been to enough workshops on that stuff to write the manuals myself.  I’m not pursuing these business models because they simply do not resonate with my heart.  I feel strongly that my friends and community deserve better!

This means my business is growing a little slower than it could.  I’m ok with that. It takes time to design a business model that resonates for me, but meanwhile I’m growing it organically and forging deep, meaningful relationships along the way.  Perfect!  The Universe is also supporting me every step of the way.

Does this sound like you?  Take heart!  Stay the path!  Be authentic!  The world is screaming for authenticity, business from the heart, the personal touch, etc.  Design your very own path of service so that you can step back at the end of the day, take a good look, and say without reservation, ‘This deeply resonates with my heart.’  Welcome to the era of “sacred commerce” in which everyone is mutually respected,  from the product/service creator to the vendor to the client to our planet.   I for one am so grateful you are following such a path with me.  How can I support you?

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

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