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Entrepreneurial Focus

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is easy for us to want to cast a broader net to attract more clients and grow our business. This is particularly true during challenging economic times or slower seasons.  However, this is the worst mistake we could make.

Each of us brings to our work the sum total of our education, life experiences, insights, personality, and spirit. These things make our product or service uniquely different from every other. We believe so deeply in what we provide to the marketplace, our unique contribution, that we were inspired to go into business for ourselves.

When we dilute this by generalizing our products and services or our customer base, we have removed value from our product or service and ourselves.  Why would anyone buy what we have to sell then?  We’re are no longer distinctive and we’ve taken away the advantage.  We have sold out.

Instead, these are the times that we need entrepreneurial focus!  Let these times remind us to get very clear about our distinct contribution to the world.  We need to be able to state clearly and succinctly what sets us apart from everyone else. Then we can determine who will best benefit from exactly what we have to offer…who can we best help?  Only when we identify those individuals and set about developing the best possible relationships for their benefit will we find sustainable, rewarding success.

Sheryl Sitts
Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)
Journey of Possibilities

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