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Election Morning After: The Animal Response (Dog and Deer Medicine)

dogchasesdeerThis morning as I sit with the possibilities and energy of last night’s election, I suddenly hear what sounds like an injured dog yelping outside.  I get up and run out to see if I can assist, and what I see really surprises me.

A pack of smaller dogs are yelping as if injured as they chase a large, beautiful deer across the lawn.  Then two other small dogs appear behaving similarly as they chase another deer.  The deer run gracefully as the dogs scramble behind them yelping and trying to catch their ‘prey’.

As the cacophony disappears into the forest, deer gaining distance on the ensuing dogs, I go back inside recognizing how animals also feel the energy of this heated race and what is clearly (as evidenced by the Canadian immigration website crashing during the election) one half of America grappling to accept these results.  Then it occurs to me to reflect deeper on the animal medicine that has just played out so loudly for me.

Deer represent “gentleness and innocence, gentle luring to new adventure” (according to Ted Andrews Animal Speak).  I see in them and this medicine Love, Light, and the power of the Divine Feminine.  They represent in part the possibilities of this New Age.

Dogs are “faithfulness and protection”, thanks again to Ted Andrews.  They are the masculine energy of loyalty.  These particular dogs are not emaciated, hungry, or hunting out of any need.  What then?  Instinct?  They felt desperate in their pained yelps.

The way I interpret this medicine is that America has chosen what we have come to know and trust through the patriarchal era.  We (the majority of us, anyway) have chosen to elect the candidate we believe will restore a lifestyle created in the industrial era.  We have voted for the “change” that will strengthen the industrial system of making money that many hold precious.  Like the dogs, many have almost desperately chosen to fight for what we know rather than embrace anything truly new and different, at least politically.  Maybe we didn’t see anyone representing that ‘new’ in a way we could get behind?  Maybe we weren’t ever meant to?

Ironically, for the many who are truly ready for a new way of life, as we instinctively regroup in the forest like the deer, we must recognize our power for such change is not meant to come from ‘out there in the world’, but from within!   Deer are not weak.  They are strong and graceful and beautiful, and they know their own power.  So then may we.

Let us see that our change does not come from out there.  Rather we are creating ‘out there’ with our thoughts, beliefs, fears, and desires within.  ‘Out there’ is merely a mirror, a reflection of our collective ‘in here’.  Let us use this election to gain perspective, and thank you Abraham Hicks for helping us with that in the video below.

Love and Light to you my American brothers and sisters, and let’s focus our energy forward and individually/collectively create something more beautiful than we’ve ever known!

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Author, Speaker, Holistic Coach/Practitioner & Community Builder

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