woman-9951_640Since old times different civilizations (Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans) believed that dreams actually are messages. On this occasion appeared the first people that could interpret dreams. Nowadays we believe that the world of dreams is just another reality and we can interact with it and it’s not indicated to dismiss the unimaginable value of dreams. Action of dreaming provide us another perspective of who we are and what do we want from life. We believe that everybody can interpret dreams. Disassembling dreams can offer you a lot of wisdom.
This is a guide on how to interpret dreams by your own. Follow this 8 simple steps.

Step 1:

First of all thing if it is worth to interpret your dream. Interpreting dreams is a great idea. Understanding them can help you in many ways:
Just a few among us believe that dreams can predict feature. We are making part of them.

Dreams can be helpful in a very practical way. They can predict your future. That’s why it is a good ideea to listen to them and, if necessary to change what you can in your life to fulfill it. Also a dream can give you solutions to problems that have been bothering you in the past day, week or months in an unconscious way. A lot of inventions begun in dreams, so you should be receptive.

The dreams increase your learning capacity, so every time you wake up you will be a bit more smarter than the day before. researchers proved that we do certain tasks better if we dream about them.

Dreams give us inspiration and ideas. they can guide you to true,happiness, all you have to do is listen to them.

Dreams allow to be creative, insane, mad, strong, crazy, etc, basically, when we dream we can do things that we never do in real life. When we are dreaming the pre-frontal cortex shuts down(the realistic side of our mind) and our emotional side takes the lead.

Dreams can diagnose health problems. For example, patients with depressive disorders suffer
a loss of dream activity. dreaming you can be worn of a pain or affection that you have been ignoring for a while, in this case the conclusion is that you have to do a medical check-up.
Dreams can be a good warning method. it is scientifically proved that our dreams are more about threats than positive ones. So, if you are having a nightmare it means that your mind is showing you what you really are afraid of or your brain is just deleting your negative thoughts.

Step 2:
Learn how to remember your dreams.
For a dream interpretation first of all you need to remember your dreams. The things that can stop this action are insomnia, stress, coffee, medication, drugs and alcohol.
Our advices are to avoid all these things and if you really want to remember your dreams, always have a notebook next to your bed so every morning when you wake up you can write down what you dreamed of, note everything you remember even if they are just symbols or they make no sense.

Step 3:
It is important to know that your dreams reflect yourself, your personality, daily problems, fears desires, passions and people. Of course you can dream of things and people you don’t know, it is enough to see someone just one time in your life and his/her image is saved in your subconscious.

  • As I said before write down everything in the morning, let this be the first thing to do because as the clock ticks you will remember less and less and after 3-4 hours you will remember a different version of the dream or you will not remember it at all.
  • When you go to sleep at night try not to think of your problems, your fears, the idiots that made you angry during the day and i guarantee you that your dreams will be ‘oscar nominated movies’.

Step 4:
Try to remember the normal things from your dreams and compare them to real life situations.
this way you can see what really bothers you, what makes you happy, who you love and this also can end up with a result to a problem.

Step 5:
Try to figure out symbols of your emotions.
An interesting fact is that when we wake up and we had a pleasant dream we have a good feeling all day long, our good disposition is not ‘injured’, if you have a nightmare, that’s a different story. maybe you will not dream that you are happy, you hear great news or you hit the jackpot but for example your good feelings can be seen in colorful dreams with no threats. Your anger and sorrow is reflected in your dreams by darkness, cold, pain or rain.

Step 6:
If you still do not know what your dream means you can look further than this.
Look for key symbols, try to figure out where you saw them in real life, you have the guarantee that every image you see in a dream you saw it somewhere in real life. Also by real life i am saying from all the things you see, that includes TV, internet, magazines.

Step 7:
Be honest to yourself. To figure out what a dream means you have to be the real you first. Many of us (including me) are playing a role sometimes, and some us us are really good actors, we just don’t know it. We are doing our best to look stronger, intimidating, funny, smart, honest. If you really want to know what your subconscious is trying to warn you about, first you have to look into the mirror and be yourself, doesn’t matter how you really are, don’t worry nobody is perfect.

Step 8:
If you prefer a spiritual meaning of your dreams you can always consult a good dream dictionary.
Everything we dream about can also be a window to our future, a warning or an omen.
My advice is to try it, it will be a pleasant experience and a good way to spend 10 minutes of your day.

Dreams branch – dream meaning dictionary

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