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Does Your Life Reflect What’s Most Important to You?

sky-34536_1280Yesterday as I quickly ate a less-than-healthy $3.99 lunch bought rushing around between errands, a question came strongly into my awareness. “What’s the most important thing in the world to me?” 

I sat a few moments before realizing that without physical health, I wouldn’t be here.  I jotted down PHYSICAL HEALTH, quickly followed by SPIRITUAL PEACE/PURPOSE which I moved to #1 because my soul exists before/after this body and life.  To these I added THE PEOPLE I LOVE and MOTHER EARTH.   OK, there’s my top 4.  Now what?

The next question that came to mind was, “Am I investing my time and money in ways that reflect what’s most important to me?” 

Ouch!  This $3.99 lunch is definitely not in alignment with HEALTH as #1 or 2!  So why did I buy it?  Because my errands seemed so important and watching my money seemed important.  But…those aren’t even on the list!  It’s clearly time for some realignment of behavior which somehow seems easier now that I’ve seen the obvious.

Indeed, don’t we all often fall into autopilot, all caught up in routines and social programming until we don’t even consider what matters most to us?  That’s why I’m blogging this experience.  Now you have a choice…

Maybe you have your TOP 4 LIST and you’re already in complete alignment.  If so, I’m truly excited for you and CONGRATULATIONS!  If not, I challenge you to (a) make your TOP 4 LIST, and (b) notice your choices for the next few hours/days.  After all, awareness is the first step, right?  Here’s to living in alignment with what matters most!

Much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder of Journey of Possibilities ~ Joyful, awakened, authentic living…naturally!

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