Recently Sheryl Sitts, Life Dream & Healing Facilitator ( was guided to ask Genn John of Arkansas Crystal Works ( if it is harmful to crystals when we use them to draw out negative or lower-vibrational energies and entities from the body. Genn channeled Crystal Guide Venus for the following response.

Thank you for your concern and question. It shows your love for us, your intention to do no harm and we appreciate it very much. However, our vibration is so high and our basest intention so pure that in our assisting you with removing what you term as “negativity” (which we term simply as lower vibration), we are not harmed in the least. So no, you cannot “hurt crystal”.



To explain further: We help to transmute the “negative” vibrations to either #1. Remove them from your vibratory field or #2. Affect a raise in your own vibration so that the lower vibrations won’t have such a foothold.”

(note of clarity from Genn: In effect, then, (though not technically accurate) it is BOTH a drawing out of lower vibrations as well as an injecting in of higher vibrations.)

Click HERE to continue reading this article and discover why we cleanse them, what is expected of us in this collaborative effort and more.

THANK YOU Genn John for the respectful way you connect and teach us about crystals and this thorough, clear response!  If you missed Sheryl’s interview with Genn, listen HERE.


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