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Do You Want More Money? What Do You Believe You Have and Deserve?

I’ve come to understand that we all have exactly what we believe we will have and deserve.  Our expectations and beliefs create our daily reality as clearly as if we are painters creating a canvas.  Since money has been one of my greatest teachers, I’ll illustrate this with money, but it applies in everything.  May my story help you see new possibilities for yourself.
For years I believed what I was taught about money through my own childhood stories and experiences.  Despite living a good middle class life, all was not well monetarily at home.  I was taught we have to work hard for everything we want and saw my father literally work himself to an early grave with this belief.  My mother could not stop shopping, all on credit, and she struggled with poor health throughout her life as she rode the highs of new stuff and the lows of agonized over credit card bills.  I was the kid who answered the phone with rehearsed lies for bill collectors until my parents finally declared bankruptcy.  Not only did I have warped beliefs about money but I had huge fears and aversions about debt, spending, saving, etc. I also saw in recent years that my journey with money began many lifetimes ago as I have meandered through greed and abuse of power and money.  Along my healing journey, I began to unpack and heal my money wounds and shadow beliefs.
First I saw that I believed I would always have enough thanks to good credit.  Therefore, I always had enough abundance AND DEBT.   Once I consciously realized that belief and shifted it to believe I have plenty without it, I have never charged anything again.
I saw that I believed we have to work hard to have a good life.  Why?  Some people do and some people don’t. I choose to write a different story in which I define my own “good life” with plenty of rest and recreation, and I love what I do so much that it doesn’t feel like I work at all.
I believed that I needed money to buy what I want.  How ridiculous!  I lived on the barter system for a year and know it works great for many things, so why not play with that, too?   I have been gifted travel benefits, had things show up in the most unlikely ways as one just happened to be getting rid of the very thing I need.  I’ve bartered energy work and coaching, room and board, and all sorts of things until I know as I know as I know that the Universe wants to manifest whatever I desire that is for my Highest good if I will get out of the way as to how that needs to happen.  I get to live in wonder, delight and gratitude as they show up!
I discovered that I have always managed to have just enough of everything: food, clothes, money, friends, love, etc. Oh wow!  I believed I deserved “just enough”.   Now I am creating a reality where I deserve to abundance, more than enough, ease and flow!  It happens in layers, but it happens and the change is unbelievable.
I believed I was not a good manifestor because I always had just enough. To manifest just enough week after week, month after month, year after year despite that being a radically different number all the time is quite amazing, isn’t it?  That hit me hard.  I’m actually a Master Manifestor, manifesting whatever I believe I deserve! (I had to laugh at all the workshops on how to be a better manifestor; we all manifest all of the time – either abundance, lack, or something in between.  It’s really all about consciousness!)

I also saw how I spent more time focusing on what I don’t have or expecting not to be able to afford something than being grateful for all that I already have.  As I consciously bring more and more gratitude into my daily life, my abundance keeps increasing, too.  Gratitude increases abundance both in perception (seeing what is instead of what isn’t) and reality (bringing more).

I lived in a Universe of just enoughness wondering why other people got to have so much more than I have.  Now I live in an abundant Universe grateful for the amazing life I live.  Same Universe.  Different me.

As an energy worker and life coach, I love helping you identify and transform hidden beliefs and expectations to live with more joy, more abundance, and more love. Can I help you?  Contact me today; we’ll create a way to work together if you are ready!


Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Practitioner & Founder

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