coupleWhen starting or maintaining a relationship or marriage – always be sure to exactly know the difference between being truly in love with someone or entering a karma relationship. Karma can be dissolved by living and often suffering through self created karma. Karma also can be dissolved by sacred spiritual practices such as Kriya Yoga. In Kriya Yoga the key technique Kriya pranayama dissolves in God’s love all existing karma to free humans for true love.

Attraction and attachment always only is created by karma between the two souls being attracted or attached. Karma never can be the basis of a truly and lasting happy relationship. Karma creates attraction and attachment until dissolved. As soon as that karma is sufficiently dissolved partners are free from each other and usually may drift apart and go new paths in life. Eventually finding a new karma partner, or if all karma successfully expired, a partner may either return to God or finally find his God made soul-mate.

In future years and centuries to come such karma will be dissolved faster and faster causing many relationships to break apart sooner and sooner. Some of these karma-relationships may last as little as hours, days, weeks or months, while some others may last up to a few years – seldom more than 10 to 20 years. Usually less than 5-7 years for spiritually slowly developing persons. That is one of the reasons why many marriages break apart after approximately 7 years.

A karma relationship breaks apart as soon as the mutual karma is more or less dissolved to a sufficient degree and other karma is becoming more important to one or both of the current partners.

Spiritually awakened and active persons may soon learn to prevent such relationships and dissolve their mutual karma with more efficient spiritual methods.

Beware however that any and ALL karma can be dissolved within seconds or minutes without even starting any karma based relationship – instead of wasting years or decades! All you need to avoid karma and dissolve existing karma is to have a sincere desire to learn to love and to prove that desire by actions of love all life long.

True love between God-made partners however always leaves you free of any attraction to that beloved God-made partner. True love makes happy and free, but never creates dependence or attraction.

God made ONE man and ONE women as eternal partners. Such an eternal relationship may restart already here on earth or latest when you finally returned to your eternal home in God. To be free to find your God-made eternal partner, also called soul-mate, you need to be free of karma and ready to love and forgive and reconcile with all first.

Such true divine love between God-made husband/wife-teams will last and survive all your misleading karma-relationships and wait for you to finally recognize in your innermost divine heart the one and only partner made for you by God as soon as you are sufficiently free of karma or as soon as you succeeded on your path of love to God to a sufficient level. Only his divine love shall allow you to recognize him – your true eternal partner!

When you have spiritually succeeded to a sufficient level, his love shall call you across all universes and touch your innermost divine heart.When you drop back again to your previous lower level of spiritual development, you may feel but the relative love of your surroundings however.

True love will remain free of jealousy whatever you do and will allow you to fall in love and be healed in this divine love very gently and tenderly as soon as you are ready for this one and only relationship again.

True love in a divine relationship always assists you on your path of love to God. Karma relationships almost always attempt to keep you from the most direct path of love to God as such karma-based relationships always are based on a more or less high degree of selfishness on one or both sides of the partner-team.

Find out what kind of relationship you have and if you are in a karma based relationship – FREE yourself and your partner in love to become free and ready for the one and only partner given to you by God. free yourself to be free for true love – true love toward your partner as well as true love from your partner.

  • A man without a women is like a tree without leaves
  • A woman without a man is like a tree without roots
  • The leaves absorb all love and light from the sun to make a tree blossom and carry fruit
  • The roots give the tree the strength and power to absorb all love and light and and carry abundance of blossom and fruits

A man and the right woman form ONE cosmic unit in God’s creation of mankind. only together they are truly one. While each can return on his own as a single to God any time, together they can return smoother and easier to God. Together they can be infinitely more happy than as singles or with any other partner. Provided they both have learned to dissolve their ego in divine love and both have re-learned again to share the God-made roles for each of them.

Back in God all will know again and be happy for the remainder of their common eternity.

Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with God teachings of love and complete comprehensive free online instructions and Diksha – initiation to Kriya Yoga, the Initiation to Jesus secret teachings. Find the complete holy science of Kriya Yoga with topics on Kriya pranayama to apply God love in all aspects of your life until one with God. 39988 files of “Spiritual Treasures” are available for instant free download.

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