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“Did You Enjoy Your Meal?”

No, I hadn’t…even though it had been as delicious as ever!  Confused by this realization, I was relieved when the waitress was beckoned by the next table. My next thought really stunned me.  I hadn’t actually enjoyed a meal in a long time; I’d merely eaten whenever the clock said it was meal time. Having been blessed with access to an abundance of delicious food, I’d grown numb.

A few days later, I happened upon the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  I’m overweight like most Americans, but quite healthy, so this was not the sort of documentary I’d ordinarily watch.  Divinely inspired (Aren’t all transformational acts?), I watched and wondered: what if I juiced for a few days to detox my body and then explored a new relationship with food?  I was shocked to see that I only had one meeting scheduled at a restaurant the entire week; this galvanized my plan.

After the lethargy and caffeine headache my first day of juicing (micronutrient organic juice blend with added bee pollen and lots of water with apple cider vinegar) passed, I felt amazing all week!  I had energy to spare despite cutting my caloric intake more than in half!  I won’t say I was ready for the weight room at the gym, but I eagerly parked along the shady edges of hot parking lots and walked with extra bounce in my stride to my meetings and classes, up and down stairs instead of using elevators.  I had more clarity of thought in work and study and more peace in prayerful meditation than ever!

Never actually hungry, what I missed most was the rich myriad of tastes I had taken for granted.   I’ll never forget that first bite of freshly made guacamole!  I savored it on my tongue and recognized each spice and vegetable individually while ecstatic over the result of their blend.  The smallest amount of food eaten in this manner indulged and satisfied me.  Yes!  I enjoyed my meal!  This continues today.

The challenging epidemic of obesity facing our nation is complex.  We throw lots of money into products and gimmicks in dazed and frustrated confusion.  Yet for some of us, we have developed an unhealthy relationship with food and don’t understand or examine what we eat, why we eat, or the lifestyle that drives our unhealthy habits.  Fasting not only helps us appreciate foods and our abundance of them, it helps us become hypersensitive to what, why, and how we eat, and make permanent lifestyle changes.

I have developed a much more loving and grateful relationship with my body and the foods I eat. Beyond improving my weight and helping to ward off cancer, diabetes, and increase my lifespan, I’ve made great advances in aligning mind, body, and spirit.  I will continue juicing at least one meal a day, and en-joy-ing every bite of food until my next fast.  ENJOY your meal, my friends!

Yours in this Journey,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)

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