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Creating What We Really Want

“I wish my daughter/son wouldn’t…”

“I hate it when my mother/father…”

“Why does my boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife always have to…”

When someone asks us what we want, it is often easier to say something like, “I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I’ve sure learned I don’t want this and I don’t like that and they’d better not…”  We live in a very rule-based and, don’t shoot the messenger for saying it, but judgmental society.  As such, we tend to focus more on eradicating negative than creating positive.

So what?  Well, the law of attraction teaches us that we always manifest that which we focus on with our thoughts, our speech, and our attention.  There are no negatives in that realm either.  That means I’d better say I am thankful for the dry weather than to say I hope it doesn’t rain.  The difference is as subtle as “dry” vs. “rain”, yet that makes all the difference for an outdoor wedding, picnic, or ride.

It’s so easy to fall back into negative speech patterns, especially if we have fear about an outcome and focus on avoiding something, or if we were raised in such an environment.  However, we do well to have reminders in our lives to stay positive and be responsible co-creators of our dream existence.

Are you sick?  Visualize wellness, vitality and energy every single day.  Is there conflict in your core relationships?  Visualize peace and love!  Is there poverty and lack in your life?  Visualize a bountiful flow of abundance and your needs being met.  BELIEVE this is your outcome, and watch life transform.

If you’d like to learn more about the Law of Attraction and creating your dream life, please enter your email on the website to get a copy of my free ebook How to Jump Off a Cliff and Fly.  Let’s absolutely, positively create what we really want right now!


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