There are thousands of books on abundance ~ most of them focusing solely on material wealth. There is nothing wrong with material wealth, in fact, money is one of the things we are suppose to master here on Earth. It is part of the program and we currently need money in order for us to survive. However, our insatiable egoic desire for money, possessions and titles oftentimes overshadows our soul’s desire for spiritual abundance.

For the most part, many of us have forgotten true abundance comes from the heart chakra.

The greater the expansion of our heart flame, the greater the expansion of our auric field. It is a matter of vibration and our auric field draws to us whatever is in it. If it is filled with judgment, criticism, doubt and fear it will bring more of that into our lives.

Our heart chakra amplifies whatever we put into it ~ sending waves from the center of our being out into the universal field. When these waves are fear filled our energy fields contract and we are not able to vibrationally attract goodness into our lives. As fear, negative thoughts and distorted emotional energies leave our space the more expanded our energy fields become ~ expanding our world of manifestation.

The heart chakra attracts spiritual abundance, not egoic abundance. Spiritual abundance will bring us what is for our highest good and what is in alignment with our soul’s purpose. Egoic abundance will bring difficulties, stress, anxiety, over-work, poor health, elitism and yes… sometimes a lot of money. However, egoic abundance will never bring happiness and soul satisfaction. It stays hungry and in a vicious cycle of re-creation ~ more, more, more.

So if we want to bring our highest good into our lives we need to spend time in meditation expanding our heart. When we expand our heart, we expand our consciousness deepening our connection to our Soul and our God self.  When we live from the vertical alignment of our being we are always on the right path creating our needs in divine alignment, joy and happiness.

Author Bio:

Sabrina Reber is an artist, Reiki master, teacher, healer, Karuna practitioner, ordained minister in The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship, and author of an ascension book called Raise Your Vibration.  Her website is  Sabrina’s blog entitled How to Raise Your Vibration is published at to provide tips, tools, techniques and knowledge that help you expand your consciousness and raise your energetic frequency.  This article, originally printed April 26, 2011, is being reproduced with express written permission of the author.

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