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Blooming Where We’re Planted

To create the best possible Journey of Possibilities for you and me and everyone involved, I decided to take Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy.  He’s such a phenomenal business development teacher for anyone desiring to share their message and make a difference, and part of the course features video interviews with famous successful people.  Today I watched Paula Abdul and developed a deep respect for all she has overcome and achieved.  Did you know she was born 3 months premature and crying as a baby was fatal?  Have you ever realized how petite and soft-spoken she really is?  Yet this small giant stood firm in her heart and knew all she needed was a chance, often funding her own ventures to prove herself and then blow them all away with her talent and results.  She’s now such an accomplished choreographer, dancer, singer, and yes, even a judge with heart on American Idol.  (She thanks Simon for being one of her greatest teachers by being off-camera exactly who he is on camera!)  Anyway, one lesson she spoke of that resonated strongly for me is that of nurturing the success that presents itself right here and now, and leveraging from that space to catapult into new arenas with open-hearted authenticity.  Or, as another friend of mine put it so simply years ago, “bloom where you’re planted.”

It’s so easy for us to become frustrated about where we are when we feel ‘stuck’, especially when we know we are capable of so much more!  Believe me, it has happened each time I learned enough about myself and my role somewhere to feel like I’d outgrown that job or relationship or place to live or whatever, and prepared to move on.  Between my need to be challenged, my pesky ego’s need to be fed with new spaces in which to shine, and my A.D.D. ways, it’s so easy for me to quickly set my sights elsewhere and set sail for my next opportunity, be it personal or professional.

However, as Brendon Burchard, Paula Abdul, and many other happy and successful teachers and business professionals attest, staying in that space and exploring further for more opportunities to expand that success is how we can best grow and achieve our own greatest heights.  All of these individuals have found new avenues within the same space to let their talents shine to expanded audiences, in new ways, and their happiness and success truly skyrocketed.  I see the lesson as deepening our relationships and successes right where we are.

What a great lesson!  Instead of moving on to a new space and comfortably creating again, we can live in the discomfort and awkwardness of stretching our familiar self and surroundings into new possibilities and relationships, and then following those into new things from exactly where we are.

The topics that I share with you are not just to update you about where I’m at in this Journey, but in hopes that you will see connections to your own situations and the posts will help you.  Can you see yourself in this week’s message?    Are there new ways you can explore what may currently be a frustrating situation by opening your heart and allowing more of your true gifts and passions to emerge?  Are there others “stuck” there with you that you can love through it who may then be able to see possibilities for themselves?  Why not try?  What have you really got to lose?  Believe me, you will all  begin to bloom where you’re planted this spring!


Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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