FengShui PictureThe Chinese people associate wind and water with good health, good fortune and prosperity, which is one of the reasons why the Chinese people adopted Feng Shui for homes. The word Feng Shui translates as wind and water in English, but the Chinese science of Geomancy has much more to it than what its name suggests. Though the concept has caught the attention of people world over only in 20th century, it has been practiced by the Chinese for more than 5000 years. Seeing that not everyone is competent in understanding this science, it is good to get good fengshui tips from people who have extensive knowledge about Feng Shui for home. If the home and its interior are constructed and decorated with bad fengshui, it is believed to bring misfortune and bad luck for the residents.

Feng Shui Products

Some of accessories when used as decoration are known to bring prosperity according to Feng Shui for home. The following are some commonly used fengshui products in homes:

Fengshui lucky coin

Fengshui frog

Education tower


Arowana fish

Laughing Buddha

Luk Fuk Sau

Bamboo Plant

Good Fengshui Tips

FengShui home is built according to the traditional Chinese science, which divulges the art of balancing the energies of a space to assure good fortune, health, and prosperity for the people residing in that place. Some good tips for a prosperous Feng Shui for home are as follows:

Color of home

The most prominent of fengshui tips is about choosing the right color for fengshui home. Though many people believe white to be the color of prosperity and peace, according to fengshui, it is an inauspicious color which represents death. For long the western people have associated red as the color that represents danger, but fengshui tips choose to differ, as they suggest it brings good luck and prosperity when used to decorate living room and bed rooms of the home. Fengshui also recommends the color of Gold in decorations, because it attracts wealth and good fortune.

Feng Shui Coins

Coins are one of the most extensively used feng shui products, as the Geomancy suggests that hanging 3 fengshui coins, one inside the home, one outside and another on the main entrance will attract good fortune.

Gold Fish

According to Fengshui, the aquarium should have 8 fishes of gold or red color and one black fish, for it to be considered a good feng shui omen which will bring good fortune, health and prosperity to its owners.

Bedroom Fengshui tips

According to fengshui tips, living plants in the bedroom will lead to disharmony and conflicts among the people sleeping the bedroom. It is also considered good if people do not keep their feet facing door when they sleep as that is the position of dead bodies according to Chinese tradition. It is always preferred to keep the head and feet not facing the door to maintain cordiality among the people sleeping in the bedroom.

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