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Being Unaware Isn’t Wrong, It Just Robs You Of Your Power!

How interesting to awaken and find messages from three “un-awakened” friends (who don’t know each other), all of whom live their lives fully plugged into the matrix, and all of whom have chosen to disconnect from me over the past ten days. They have not responded to my questions about why they unfriended/unplugged/cancelled/etc. Now all say they have been tired, frustrated and overwhelmed with life, and needed their space. They are all communicating now…at the same time.

Isn’t it fascinating to observe correlations between people’s movements and behaviors and the astrological activity of the planets? I mean I’m no guru, but I follow some who are and their posts raise my awareness so I can navigate the current energies more consciously.

Whether we choose to believe astrology affects our lives , moods, energy levels and perspectives or not makes absolutely no difference to that impact. Our ancestors knew. They planted by the planets and lived in closer alignment.  Today we are more disconnected, but staying that way is our choice. Awareness is a choice that influences our (in)ability to navigate life more powerfully.

Namaste and lots of love,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Guide &  Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Would you like to become more conscious of the impact of planets and energy on your life?  I’d love to help you live a more conscious life and unlock new possibilities for yourself in life, love and abundance.  Explore this more fully HERE!

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