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Balancing The Heart and The Mind

A-full-moon-at-cloudy-sky How timely to finish reading the adventures of a young man faithfully following his deepest dreams in Paulo Cuehlo’s fabulous (and subtly, deeply spiritual) book The Alchemist just as we enter this powerful full moon in Virgo, sun in Pisces, and Mercury retrograde in Pisces.  This is a time for inner reflection and healing from the lessons we are gaining here in earth school through our connection with all of life…a time to really go into our hearts to heal and integrate our own Life Paths.

We get so caught up exploring the emotions of our hearts and the expansion of our minds that it’s easy to forget why we’re here.  As “spirits having a human experience” (de Chardin) we are clearly here for our own spiritual evolution.  In that great journey which lasts hundreds of years and many incarnations, we can really get so caught up in this incredible Earth School we may miss many of the great lessons themselves.  If instead we see our heart as the Divine Inner Compass, our mind as a Computer Processor, and our body as the beautiful living, breathing Vessel allowing us to have this experience, we can let our heart (compass) navigate us along the unique path for our own Highest Good without being so caught up in the why’s and how’s. The course of our Perfect Path has been lain, and our only responsibility is to follow it with much love and good intention in our hearts.

So how do we keep this heart pure and loving in the face of the challenging and sometimes truly horrific experiences we see and feel here?  It is NOT by getting as busy as we can trying to make a difference, although that is beautiful when done with a heart full of love.  It is NOT about the many, many ways we can busy or numb ourselves so that we don’t feel the experience, for emotion is the teacher that drives the soul lesson home within so we don’t have to go through it again!  It IS turning to that inner spark of God within us each day in meditation to lift up all our cares and the suffering of this world to the great Master Healer.  It IS spending time in quiet meditation connecting with the Divine as God speaks to us through our hearts.  It IS humbly, boldly following the Path before us without worrying too much as to why and how, those are not our concern in this moment.  It IS sending forth God’s Love and Light  to the world each day to strengthen and comfort all in need.  It IS silencing the busy mind of  getting itself lost in the past and busily troubling itself over the future, so that we are in THIS moment, grateful for all that really IS right here and now.

Mercury in retrograde for three weeks makes a real mess of communication and technology, and this is not a time to start new projects or busy ourselves.  Rather may this beautiful full moon Mother begin a time of greater inward reflection as we heal and grow along our life journeys.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts

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