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Are You Falling For This Common Mistake and Hurting Someone You Love (Maybe Yourself)?


Even though I coach and help others become conscious of how our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and language are creating our experience of this life, I recently fell into a common trap and I’m so glad I caught it!  I want to share it with you so that possibly you won’t make the same mistake.

I found, bottle-fed, and raised my Maine Coon Loki from infancy.  He is so much more than a cat to me!  We’ve been through a lot and I treasure him.  A couple of years ago, my vet told me that he’s getting arthritis in his joints and cautioned me that these male Maine Coons have similar medical concerns to human giants (Loki’s 22 pounds) and that if he lived to be fifteen, he’d have had a good long life.  I have been managing his joint pain with CBD oil, but since turning fifteen last summer, he has been having accidents in the house and more limited movement.  I began seeing him as being not long for this world, considering every day a gift, wondering if I’d be able to put him down or if I ever should,  etc.  I finally realized: I was falling for someone else’s story and had begun seeing my cat as dying rather than living!

I have gratefully shifted my cat story.  I see how aging is a story we feed when we begin focusing on pain and medicine and all that’s wrong rather than living, staying active, and enjoying life.  I play with Loki more now, and he loves it.  The CBD oil helps his joints and he still has some accidents, but I almost missed a UTI because I was chalking it up to old age incontinence.


What I have been doing with Loki is actually quite common!  We listen to doctors and experts and we start treating those we love (and even ourselves) as though we are dying rather than living. That attitude, that perspective is very harmful because where attention goes, energy flows.  We are feeding a death story rather than a life story.

The truth is that none of us has any idea how long we get on earth.  We could go at any time.  Do we want to spend our precious life resource living and appreciating life and vitality or seeing the end?

Was this blog helpful in shifting your perspective on anything in your life that you may be seeing as dying, ending, or drained rather than replenishing?   Does this resonate for you at all?  I’d love your feedback!   Please comment below.

I’ll close for now…I have a cat to play with!  See you tomorrow on Exploring Possibilities when Mario and I discuss, #metoo, Now What?

Much love to you,
Sheryl Sitts, Spiritual Holistic Coach & Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities

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