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Animal Totems

Scarlet MacawThe first time I had the privilege of interacting with one of these beautiful birds was almost thirty years ago, and I was mesmerized by their beauty, grace, and power.  I was also a bit intimidated knowing that if I angered one, they could snap off my finger effortlessly.  Mostly though, I was sad to see them in cages.  It moved me so much that I decided to see them one day in their native habitat flying free in all their beauty.  Over the years I repeated that commitment until that dream came true last year and I finally visited the Amazon.  What I found was a key piece of myself in that place and a transformation so significant that my life is measured by whether it happened before or after Peru (see blog entry).  I also learned that when animals come into our path in a noticeable way, we should seek what they mean for us.  Animal totems can be powerful teachers when we allow it.

Since that time I notice that certain creatures come into my life until I heed what they represent for me.  In fact, if I don’t hear them at first circumstances tend to grow quite intense until I listen.  Last year I had an infestation of scorpions in my home throughout the stay of a powerful life-coach who guided me in exactly the intense, chaotic transformation this totem promises.  (I’ve never attracted scorpions before or since.)    Next came the ants:  mounds suddenly every few feet in my lawn and streams of them filing into my home.  It was indeed a time for patience, and then they moved on.  Last month wasps swarmed me in my car, around my windows and doors at home and work.  They weren’t nesting, they were encircling me everywhere I went!  Yes, I did indeed need to be placing structure into my business, and then they moved along.  Now caterpillars are supporting my latest gentler, beautiful transformations that are underway.

So now I ask you, what are you attracting?  What other form of life is either regularly showing up (like those I just mentioned) or evokes such deep emotions in you as to guide you in the direction of your destiny (like my macaw)?  Google the name of the creature followed by “animal totem” or “animal medicine” and see what they may have to teach you!  Follow the feeling that stirs within you as you wonder at the emotions that arise.

Nature really is our great teacher.  As we increasingly replace it with cement and skyscrapers, hopefully we’re not so far removed that we don’t listen anymore.  Connect in and discover your own inner power and beauty in new and wondrous ways.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

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