ache-19005_640While we say that complicated and severe diseases are highly dangerous for our health, sometimes simple pain becomes not so simple. For example: – headache is a pain which may occur as a result of different conditions on the head and neck. There are 9 pain sensitive regions in a human body, viz. muscles, nerves, arteries and veins, subcutaneous tissues, eyes, ears, sinuses and mucous membranes.

However, causes of pain may differ from one person to another. It can be because of stress, muscle contraction, boils, migraine, injury, etc.

So if you have been wondering about the various symptoms of headaches, following are the things you should know: –

1. Migraine

Commonly found amongst females, headaches caused due to migraine problem is quite critical and extremely painful. So much so that they feel uncomfortable to concentrate on their work and lead a happy and relaxed life. Whenever they face the migraine attack, that very moment becomes out of control. Problems like: – low diet, nausea, vomiting, etc. can be extremely lethal. Sometimes it can affect the vision which becomes the lifelong problem.

2. Tension

This type can occur due to stressed out working lifestyle, constant peer pressure, academic burden, unemployment, low salary, unsuccessful married life, etc. can be some of the most common reasons of acute tension which leads to pain on either sides of the head. Patients of this type of pain feel like someone is pressing their head which becomes quite annoying.

3. Cervicogenic

This type of pain occurs in the neck or spinal cord which gradually reaches the head. Those who are indulged in sedentary working lifestyle, sitting in front of the computers for long hours during the day, are the ones who usually becomes the prey of this type of ailment. Right from students, working professionals, housewives, and a number of people of different age groups face this type of problem.

As they say tension or stress can badly affect the healthy working lifestyle which makes the life more stressful and worrisome. Over the course of time, this starts affecting your personal and professional life and do not let you enjoy your life to the core.

Seeking proper medical cure, acupuncture for headaches, assistance of an expert or professional and opting for a stringent exercise or fitness regime is very important to find an easy cure to these problems.

Amongst the various types of medical treatments offered, acupunctures for headaches- is something that you can opt for. It is an age old and tried and tested method wherein thin needles are inserted at certain points or regions in your skin which aids in the smooth flow of positive energy which gets clogged in the meridians.

About the Author:  At the Healing Acupuncture Center, we treat issues from chronic pain to anxiety to PMS.

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