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Abundance, Value, and Wealth in The New World

euro-96290_640The old world has taught us that money is access to power and anything we need or want.  We learn to set goals and carefully proceed toward preparing for a comfortable future and building our own security.  Our rat-race reality of doing without now to have someday (savings, stocks, bonds, retirement, and my favorite, insuring for future disasters we are beginning to manifest for ourselves now) and doing without later to have now (mortgages / credit) has us living in every moment except this one!   We learn this growing up until we aren’t even aware any longer that we have a CHOICE!

As we find ourselves now shifting into the Age of Enlightenment, this New World is about power and abundance that flows forth from each individual as we come together and join our energy to exchange value and wisdom in co-creation. Beyond material possessions, we again realize we are amazing, gifted BEings, each with mind/body/heart/spirit gifts, relationships, and material possessions.  Whenever two of us connect, we can see infinite possibilities together.  How have we missed this so long habitually exchanging dollars for goods and services, valuing all by such rigid standards.

In this New World, we begin to regain some of what we’ve abandoned, which we already see in expressions like “tribe”, “sustainable communities”, etc.  We begin to consciously exchange value with each other as we’re drawn drawn together for our mutual Highest Good.  Returning to local trade, entrepreneurship, and small business is the beginning we already see, and in early years money (a little to a lot) is often still exchanged, but for a mutually agreed upon value that is decided and varies from situation to situation.  Increasingly, more creative arrangements may unfold.  Resources, time, money, opportunities, etc.  will all be seen for the valuable commodities they are, and we will learn to truly live in FAITH that our needs are being met moment by moment.

If we believe this means scarcity, it will.  If we believe it means abundance, it will.  I know financially successful people living this way, fully embracing and believing this truth for themselves.  I also know highly successful people thriving on the barter system to raise children and see the world while in living in Higher service.  At the heart of all this seems to be finding and embracing our own truth, from a place of love and balanced value for others and self.

I UNDERSTAND THE FEAR of living fully in faith in this moment and beginning to release the old ways.  I also know that THE NEW CANNOT REVEAL ITSELF UNTIL WE choose to be alive and present right now to CREATE IT!  It will take us some time, certainly but might we ever so gently begin this process?

Do you believe that the people you attract to you have exactly what you need, even if you don’t yet realize it, and that you have exactly what they need right now?  There are people right I know I can help, who equally can be a valuable resource for me.  WHAT IF we create a conversation in which we both fully explore the value we can be for one another and how we might exchange that value?  Could it be that simple?  (Notice how quickly your mind attacks this!)

Listen to Spirit and hear what we are to receive in this moment.  Give.  Receive.  Give.  Receive.  Forget plans.  Spirit IS the plan.  Living in THIS MOMENT is a very real, very core presence and faith that runs contrary to debt, credit, insurance, budgets, savings, and all that keeps us focusing on yesterday and tomorrow.  Yet NOW IS ALL THERE IS!    Isn’t it time to climb out of ego, money, and artificial power and climb into our hearts where Spirit knows the true Source of Power?  Isn’t it time to stop being afraid to give of ourselves, and to stop fearing we will ‘run out’?  Can’t we realize that we made up ‘free’ and ‘expensive,’ and co-create something new?

The era of industrialization and mass-consumerism is disintegrating.  Our current economy is a global house of cards.  Shift seems imminent.  We can either embrace it and rise to the occasion, or be undone by it.   Trust.  Allow.  Embrace.  True abundance is about co-creating more and more and more out of the energy, love, wisdom, and insight we collectively share on this planet.  How could that EVER produce lack or scarcity?  This feels like our path to joyfully, sustainably living in harmony with Mother Earth and all life in this New World, co-creating peace, purpose, and passion…naturally!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts ~ Journey of Possibilities

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