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About Relationships – Technically Speaking

Think for a moment and identify the five most important relationships that make your life better – your own personal Top 5.  Are they clearly pictured in your mind’s eye?   Now remember your last time spent with each. How present were you?  Do you recall exactly  what was going on in their lives, hearts, and relationships?  How had they changed from the last time you saw them?  If this is difficult, maybe you were distracted texting, talking on the phone, playing games, or watching a show.

Technology is such a gift!  It allows us to connect and communicate in ways unimaginable just two generations ago.  Unfortunately, it becomes a curse for our relationships when we aren’t mindful to respect the time and love of those around us. One of the greatest ways we can show appreciation for those we love is to unplug and really BE WITH  THEM.  When we silence and put away our phones, turn off the TV, walk away from the computer, and focus on enjoying their presence, our relationships grow.

At home with our families, we watch movies, play games, and listen to music together or we text, call, email, or use social media alone.  All of these are great, but presumably at least some people at home are in our Top 5.  Shouldn’t we spend quality time with them?

Finally, there is our relationship with Self.  Sadly this suffers the most as we are perpetually distracted. Refusing to turn off technology and resolve our own confusion, anger, or pain means we reject the important lessons that will lead to our own Highest Good.  This in turn affects every other relationship we have – how could it not?

We can start by making an appointment with our self every day for some uninterrupted quiet time…and keeping that appointment!  We can also make an effort, at least with our Top 5,  to be fully present and focus on them, showing by our actions (or rather our stillness) just how much they mean to us.

Next week, we’ll tackle how to take better care of our personal and professional relationships by consciously choosing the best technology for each situation.  Join me as I visit with Tech-Life Balance Founder Mario Rosales (we’ll video this one) to discuss the importance of knowing when to communicate by phone, email, text, or face-to-face.

Yours in Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)

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