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A Thousand Little What-Ifs

What if we split up?  What if I can’t find a job?  What if I lose my job?  What if I never meet the right person?   What if I can’t pay my rent?  What if my business slows down and I can’t pay my bills?  What if I lose my insurance?  What if my cancer treatments don’t work?  What if I die before…  What if?  What if?  What if?!

Have you ever noticed how our minds race at the first sign of trouble?  We can work ourselves into a complete frenzy in no time!  Before we know it, things seem hopeless and we are in complete despair.  Yet honestly, if we stop outside our own little mental mania, all that has REALLY happened in the last five minutes is a lot of worry.  In this moment, we are safe and none of our worst fears have even begun to materialize.

This is the most important moment ever!  We can derail that fateful Train of Dread and climb on board the Train of Possibilities.  Before we have begun to truly manifest anything negative for ourselves out of fear, we can change course and create a powerful future for ourselves!  Here’s how…

Whether we attend a service at our favorite church or step into Nature, the idea is to be still somewhere.  Even if we can’t physically go anywhere, we can go to our favorite quiet chair or floor pillow, light a candle or plug in a water fountain, and be still.  We can mediate.  We can pray.   Spiritual ceremony is very powerful.   In that space, we deeply sense the Divine within us.

Now that we feel Divine Energy flowing through our very body, mind, and soul, doesn’t it feel ridiculous to suggest that anything in this world is stronger than Divine Love?  Seriously!   What in this world is too big for God?   It is only this strong sense of KNOWING that God has this covered that will begin to melt it away from our reality.  The miracle is ours for the taking, and gratitude is our response.

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