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A ‘Gratitude Attitude’ Adjustment

Laid off recently like many others in this challenging economy, I find myself transitioning from being gainfully other-employed to being gainfully self-employed.  I notice some things changing within me as I experience this.   One powerful shift has been my degree of gratitude.

Every morning for the past many months, I have purposefully acknowledged all that I am grateful for in my life.  My prayers generally included my health, my friends and family, and a job I love making a difference for others.  The list went on, but typically with that degree of recognition.

While I still give thanks in gratitude each morning, I find my degree of focus changing.  Whereas I previously ended my prayer and would not resume until that night or the next morning, I now give thanks often throughout each day.  I give thanks when I realize I can buy food.  I give thanks that I can fill up my car with gasoline.  I give thanks when I have enough to cover the unexpected incidents that always occur.  I frequently give heartfelt thanks and find myself living closer to my Source every day.   I also give thanks for that, as I believe this is how we are meant to live.

How close have you been living to the Divine throughout each day?  Thankfully, we don’t have to wait for a significant event to cause this shift within us.  We can allow the shift itself to be that significant event and begin to immediately reap the rewards that can only come from living a spiritually inspired life.

Sheryl Sitts, CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) for Journey of Possibilities

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