kids-143022_640Kids are always expected to be bubbling with high energy. Hence, it does not raise eyebrows when the excitement tends to get on the high side. Hyperactivity in kids can be gauged when your kid is consistently showing too much activeness. The common symptoms include impulsiveness, distraction, lack of concentration etc. Parents often tend to overlook these symptoms as childish behavior and do not take professional help at the right time. Calming the kids before they get unmanageable is very important. Read on to find 5 calming tips for hyperactive kids.

1. Breathing exercises

Often a hyperactive kid tends to get giddy with too much energy. The best way to calm him down is to teach him breathing exercises. Here is a simple one: Teach your child to take a slow deep breath, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, whenever he/she gets an urge to be hyperactive. It can be beneficial for the parents as well since handling a hyperactive kid take a toll on them too.

2. Bath

A bubble or salt bath is a great way to relieve stress. One of the primary causes of hyperactivity in kids is due to unresolved stress. They tend to build up on the frustration and vent out their feelings through physical manifestations. A salt bath will help them to relieve the day’s stress and not give a trigger to hyperactive actions.

3. Walk

A walk is useful to burn off excess energy. Take your kid on a walk round the block. The synchronized walking on the feet brings the mind back to focus and helps burn the excess energy of your child. Inculcating a walking habit early in the life will also develop good healthy habits in them. In fact, walking is considered one of the prime treatments of natural remedies for hyperactive children.

4. Massage

Adults know the relaxing benefits of a good massage, but did you know that a great massage will soothe your hyperactive kid? ADHD remedy often stresses on the importance of touch in the treatment of hyperactive children. Touch makes them feel cared and will relieve their underlying stress points. A simple temple massage or a shoulder rub will work wonders for them. So calm your kid now with a gentle massage.

5. Creativity

Hyperactive kids are often creative, but they tend to channelize their energy into something destructive. If that energy is put into developing positive characteristics, it will have a calming effect on your kid. Make sure your kid has ample options to display his creativity. Who knows? You may have the next Michelangelo in your house. Creative display of energy often leads to great results.

Hyperactivity Remedy for kids should involve natural ways at first so that they get to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Follow the above 5 tips to calm your hyperactive kid in a natural way.

About the Author: Ankur Sharma is a Content writer. He writes on Health related Topics like Healthy Diet, Health Care Tips, Attention Deficiency Remedy and Alternate Natural Remedies Singapore.

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