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3 Ways to STOP Worrying and Start Living RIGHT NOW!

woman-593141_1280If you’re anything like me, you catch yourself worrying about work, money, children, parents, to-do lists, the yard, the house, the state of the world…good grief!  It’s just endless the number of things we can find to worry about, isn’t it?

One day I realized I was wasting this perfectly good minute worrying about minutes that haven’t even happened yet.  In fact there will always be future situations to fret over which may never happen.  Most importantly, we sacrifice the joy of this moment creating FEAR “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Here’s what else I know: form follows thought.  Thinking about something that hasn’t happened will actually cause it to manifest!  It’s like when we just know something is going to go wrong, and then it does and we think, ‘There it is!  I knew it all along,’ never realizing we worried it right into reality.

Let’s turn our powers of manifestation around and create a beautiful future of possibilities, instead!  Here’s how we can STOP worrying our lives away RIGHT NOW:

  1. Take a quick inventory of how things are right now.  How are your health, work, finances, relationships, home, school, career, etc. really doing?  Shifting our attention to this present moment shows us instantly what is real versus and what is all in our imagination.
  2. Sink deeply into feeling grateful for every blessing in your life.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly this changes my mood.  We simply cannot worry about the future and be grateful for the present at the same time.  It’s impossible!  Give it a try and see how different you feel after just five minutes.
  3. (Only after you have shifted your mood from fear and dread…)Look at the feelings behind the worry.  Once I’m in a better state, I can see things more clearly and get to what’s really going on.  This can bring out shadow beliefs we can heal to more permanently change our state of being.

Let me give an example of how this has helped me.  When I first launched my business, there were months I would go into an irrational panic (way too early and way to intense) over how I would pay my mortgage that month.  Initial concern quickly went to worry and then full blown panic as I dreamed up worse and worse scenarios in my mind.  Then I would realize (often thanks-and I mean it, THANKS!- to those nearest and dearest to me) that I was “doing it again” and stop to see that in that moment I was really absolutely fine.  I had food, a roof over my head, and in fact I hadn’t even made it through the lender’s monthly grace period yet.  I would begin counting my blessings and soon see a way through my dilemma, or shift my energy to one of positive creation and attract my next client.  During that shift, my true fears would show themselves: (1) I saw home as security (instead of the Divine…big lesson!) and losing it as insecurity, (2) I saw failing to meet my cost of living as failure in my business, (3) I saw failure in my business as failure in myself, (4) as a failing success coach, I felt like a fraud, and (5) I saw that I really hadn’t expected to succeed and now my self-fulfilling prophecy was going to come true.  Wow!  So much for worrying about paying the mortgage.  It was time to get to work on my self-esteem and beliefs about myself in business.  Either that, or I could close my doors.  Glad I opted for the first choice.

I can’t say you’ll never worry again.  We’re all human, and if we’re staying true to ourselves and living outside our ever-expanding comfort zone, we will have bigger insecurities arising.  However, this process will continue to reveal and heal deeper shadow beliefs and open us in the most incredible ways.

Often worrying is just about those shadow beliefs we hold that no longer serve us.  While the first two steps above will stop you from worrying, I invite you to really explore the third and heal those beliefs.  Then we can use our powers of creation to manifest some exciting new ‘what-if’s into our future and really start living.

Much love to you,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

Journey of Possibilities ~ Joyful, awakened, authentic living…naturally!

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