Thank You! Now Let’s Schedule Your Session(s)

Thank you for investing in yourself and for the trust you have placed in me to support you in this journey!  I am grateful and look forward to being all that I can be for you in this playful, powerful, practical journey of possibilities you have embraced.

If you purchased this a gift, please email [email protected] to connect your payment with the recipient’s name, address, phone number and email address.  We will get you a gift certificate ASAP and add them to our records.  Scheduling instructions for the recipient will be provided with the gift certificate.

FIRST, please complete a Client Services Form. Email this to [email protected].  This must be received at least 72 hours prior to your first session. 

NEXT, please schedule your first session.  If you have registered for Transform to the Power of 3, visit[email protected]/bookings/s/coolZK5y3UiLZidzYTR40g2.  If you are participating in my entrepreneurial coaching program Blend Your Passions & Make a Bigger Difference, visit[email protected]/bookings/s/FoxDIjhpQ0GebOa_cDah2w2.   For both of these, your confirmation email from that first session contains links to schedule additional sessions.  Please schedule all of these ASAP (at least 72 hours in advance) to ensure best availability and maintain your momentum.

Thanks again!  I look forward to helping you and/or your loved one access greater joy, vitality and abundance by integrating ancient holistic wisdom with modern daily life.

With love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA ~ Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner

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