It may be one thing that begins to unravel you. It could be a series of people, events, and circumstances that rock your world and take the veil from your eyes and throw it to the ground. In doing so you are left with new I Want To Stop Dragging My Fingernails Through the Dirt, Expecting the Earth to Reveal Itselfeyes that see the world a little differently; new eyes that don’t know where to look first. Things seem different. Colors take on a different hue, people seem different and the things you once loved are no longer familiar. You are left with just your internal dialogue and feelings of what this world should look like now. It’s a little frightening and at the same time, gloriously delicious.

You get to choose now.  For you. You get to choose whether or not this life will mean something to you in a way that it never did before.

What will you do first? Where will you go and who will you see with these new eyes of yours? No more is it okay to run your nails through the dirt expecting the earth to rise up and meet you. You want more. You deserve more and for once, you feel it. You feel the worth of what this life could mean for you.

There are a hundred thoughts in between this one and the next one, each leading to a different facet of yourself and your genius. Let them flow through you and into you. Loosen your grip and unfurl your fingers from your palm. It’s time now to start letting go and breathe into the beauty and the pain and the freedom that will find you through this process.

Feel the earth support you in a way that you never have before. Let the moon speak to you and the stars show themselves to you. Wrap yourself in a truth you have only heard about but now you get to live and breathe in with every waking day.  Spirit supports you with messages and feathers and words sprinkled into your moments. Allow yourself to sink into the truth that floats around in that head of yours. It may be a quiet voice at first, but it’s the most honest one you have.

Speak your truth and give yourself permission. Eat plants and drink your vegetables. Stand out in the sun and feel the warmth.  Feed yourself. Love yourself. Nourish all the parts of you that scream to you in the moments of calm and quiet. Do not ignore the parts of you that long to be heard.

You are doing The Work. The work that grounds us. Connects us. Heals us. Brings us back to the truth and the spirit that were never really lost, but just were waiting to be found. For something that is a part of who you are can never really run too far. Revel in your beauty. Immerse yourself in your wisdom. Open your arms to the journey.

You are worth every step.

Author Bio:

Jessica DeFeo is a Women’s Empowerment Coach at The Living Well, a community that supports women through all stages of healing and life.  Her passion is to support and guide women to seek the truest parts of themselves and bring that into their everyday life. She guides you to start living in a way that brings you alive with joy and gusto and passion. She wants to see you remove the veil and begin to heal, speak, and live in a way you didn’t think possible for yourself.  Jessica is a mom, wife, and woman who is constantly seeking, believing every woman has a truth and living for those moments that allow each to bring her story to life.  She recently discovered kick boxing as a form of serious release, and loves those moments that give her extra time to breathe. She trusts in love and pain as equal teachers.  She dreams big even when it seems impossible and cherishes friends, family, and strangers along the way.   Visit her blog at and the website

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