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WELCOME to a Journey of Possibilities into holistic living!  I am excited and honored to welcome you to this community of amazing souls.  I love connecting people together who share this path and discussing my discoveries as I journey deeper into holistic wellness in this modern world.  I hope you will find answers and solutions here to help you and yours, also.

A couple of years ago I met a natural healer with many developed gifts (meditation, yoga, Reiki, intuitive massage therapy, channeling, and more) who was also studying with a shaman to facilitate deep healing ceremonies using herbal sacraments, intention, and energy work.  After a few months of working with her, I had the opportunity to travel to the Peruvian Amazon with their group for a life-changing week (story in BLOG section).  As some of my deepest childhood wounds finally found the healing I’d sought for so many years through conventional means, my definition of healing and spirituality began to evolve and I joined the growing ‘awakening’.   I am now a strong advocate for ‘alternative’ (original) healing and share here what I learn as we all seek to find our way to the wellness and joy we know is our natural state.

As we begin, let’s agree on a definition for holistic health:

Total Wellness Achieved Naturally!

This community was created in partnership with Mario Rosales of Tech-Life Balance to spotlight coaches, homeopaths, naturopaths, organics, metaphysical and Lightworkers, ‘green’ living, sustainable communities, and a return to nature. We aim to create a safe place where all can:

  • Connect with other like-spirited individuals and businesses.
  • Ask questions at your exact level of understanding and exploration.
  • Share insights with others as we all learn and grow together.
  • Reconnect thru community and togetherness as we once lived.

There are many features here for you to explore and enjoy!

FORUMS are a great place to ask questions, share insights, and host conversations on particular topics. Update regularly according to traffic and topic interest.

TESTIMONIALS (located within the forums) are real-world stories of how holistic wellness and healing is changing lives. Read others and if you feel compelled, share your story. Anonymous entries are also welcomed. Published as received.

BLOG entries share insights and experiences as I move through my journey and introduce you to guest bloggers as they share their journeys. Published a couple of times monthly.

ARTICLES are added periodically explaining different products and services and their benefits.  Read, learn, discuss, and share!  Each contains information about the authors so you can connect.  Submissions are welcome. Published whenever received.

EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES podcast interviews explore personal life journeys and holistic practices in-depth.  Published weekly.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY listings help you find professionals offering their holistic products and services. Are you a practitioner?  Please enter your information!  Listings offer a range of features and exposure ranging from FREE to $50/month.  Why not create your website here for higher traffic and SEO optimization!  Published as received.

ADVERTISING / SPONSORSHIP opportunities are available for many features of this online community and for live events we have planned for the future. CONTACT US to learn more.

sherylsfaveribbonSHERYL’S FAVES are professionals and businesses I love!  Let me know what you think.

What have we missed?  What else would you like to see added? Let us know how we can better serve you.

Namaste and much love to you in your journey,


Sheryl Sitts
Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
Journey of Possibilities

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