Tonya Dawn Recla-The Allegory of the Snake graphicOne of the most important aspects of personal POWER development is the concept of change. Few symbols embody death and rebirth as powerfully as the snake.

I walked through the cave wondering what awaited me. I saw the eyes shining in the crevices. Bright red-orange eyes glowing from the darkness. So many of them. Hundreds or more. And yet, I felt no fear.

I continued to walk deeper into the cave knowing the symbolism, sensing it. I’d been here before in a different time, a different place, but the sense of déjà vu consumed me. Even within the vision I knew the depths of my subconscious and the journey into them. They called to me like home.

I reached the end of my path as the stone ground met water. A serene still pool of water reflecting the eyes watching my every move. 

A moment passed before I saw the first sleek black body slither from the darkness. Then another and another until the entire cave filled with long black water snakes moving steadily toward me. I stood stoically with arms spread as though ready to receive them. I felt only anticipation and an overwhelming sense of welcoming.

The first snake reached my feet and slowly slithered up my body. The others followed, winding their way around me. Hundreds of snakes wrapped around my legs, my waist, my torso, my chest. I held my body still as they performed their process of entwinement. Despite all rational thoughts to the contrary it felt perfectly normal and simply…right.

At the final moments of the procession, the snakes covered my face and head, wrapping around me in a loving embrace. My subconscious sensed the significance and I no longer felt present as anything other than a witness.

In the next moment my face emerged dramatically, fangs bared, eyes red-orange. My head jutted out from the pile of snakes as I dropped to the ground gracefully. My body moved involuntarily in a slow, easy, steady, sway as I slithered  into the pool of water.

The snakes followed.

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