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Sheryl Sitts Interviewed by LeaAnn Fuller on YOUR Fuller Life / Blog Talk Radio

SherylSittsHeadshotMay2017Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Transformational Coach & Holistic Practitioner (Journey of Possibilities) is interviewed by host and coach LeaAnn Fuller of Loving Your Fuller Life on her new Blog Talk Radio show Welcome to YOUR Fuller Life.  Sheryl opens up about her journey from having the American Dream to recognizing how her old wounds were sabotaging her happiness and driving her to stay lost in her busy life.  Sheryl met holistic practitioners, aka “Lightworkers”, took a leap of faith and emptied her bank account to travel to Peru and work with a shaman and sacred plant medicine, and learned new practices to continue healing and raising her consciousness.  They discuss  what shamanism is, how our bodies hold traumas, and how shamanic practices like drumming, breathwork, and plant medicine helped her finally release her traumas.  They talk about how the media and our culture is designed to reinforce our flaws and shortcomings, too.  Sheryl shares how beginning to heal her wounds and learning how she creates her reality so she can recognize and heal her limiting beliefs changed everything, and why this is now the work she does for others!  Sheryl shares some tips to begin shifting yourself into abundance.




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