Shamanic Talk & Sound Ceremony


Mario strikes the drum as Sheryl brings in the vibration of crystal and metal bowls to shift the frequency

Mario Rosales and I (Sheryl Sitts) have shared our shamanic healing journey since 2011, traveling to Peru to work with plant medicines like Ayahuasca and others (more on our group ceremonies HERE) and exploring sound healing, drumming journeys, and vibrational healing with gemstones and crystals.  We have a heightened awareness to the fact that all life has a spirit and how we energetically attract the frequency of certain animal “medicine” and people for our benefit and growth.  We also work with dowsing and divination tools like cards and runes to receive information and clarity from Spirit around questions and challenges that arise in their lives.  We enjoy balancing the masculine outward expression and feminine inner receptivity and emotional energies within ourselves and within our relationship…and a favorite way is with the vibration of sound.


Mario shows how they traditionally poured runes onto the skin of a drum to read/interpret their meaning and message by how they landed.

Enjoy a conversation about shamanic healing journeys concluding with a 30-minute vibrational sound ceremony blending crystal and metal singing bowl vibrations with drumming, chimes, rain stick, rattles and more to move energy in the room and the bodies of all present.

Would you like us to bring our shamanic talk and sound ceremony to you?  Contact us below to host / schedule a Shamanic Talk & Sound Ceremony at your home, facility, or an upcoming event/retreat.

COST:  $35 Cash at door

Join us 4:00-5:30 PM

Sunday, July 1st 

Spring Yoga, 26315 Preston Ave. STE A Spring, TX 77373

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