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Self-Talk and Affirmations: How to Do Them, How They Work, and How Not to Lie to Ourselves

iceberg-881682_960_720Science is catching up now with the spiritual belief that thoughts and words create vibrations that shape reality.  If we think and feel anger, hatred, or resentment, we radiate a frequency or vibration that has a certain affect on all life within our vicinity, beginning with ourselves!   Like Emoto’s work with water , our bodies and health as well as all life around us are affected by our thoughts and words.  Love and gratitude FEEL so GOOD and anger, jealousy, or sadness FEEL so bad not only because of the emotions they carry, but the effect these vibrations have on our bodies and the plants, animals, and people around us.

OK, so it’s important to talk positively to ourselves and to focus on positive emotions.  Whenever I would catch myself thinking, “I am fat”, “I am broke” , “Why am I so stupid”,  or “What would a great guy see in me”, I would quickly tell myself the opposite, “I am beautiful”, “I am abundance”, “I am wise and intelligent” and “I am lovable and desirable.”  The problem I had with that was that I felt like I was lying to myself to try and talk myself into believing it.  I’d look at my overweight image, the ‘F’ on my paper, the breakup letter, my empty wallet, and whatever I saw didn’t match my new thought or statement.   Great!  Now I’m standing here lying to myself and trying to believe it!

What I have learned through my own spiritual awakening is that we are all created with the seed of Divine perfection within us: Spirit.  We take on human form as fallible beings with a full range of emotions and desires, and we learn infinitely from all of these experiences about our own Divine nature.   Being abandoned to the breaking point, we discover that we are lovable and how to give ourselves the love we’ve sought from others, only to find that now they give us that love too.  Doing without and focusing on what we don’t have teaches us to finally discover all that we do have, to live in gratitude for our many blessings and then watch as more suddenly and effortlessly flows toward us.  Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we’ve had what we needed all along and life happened to show us that.

This is why seeing ourselves as already having achieved our goals, already living our dreams, and actually creating within us how we will feel when that happens, is so important.  Changing from the vibration of sadness and despair or anger to one of joy and elation, of success, of self-love is what actually begins to shift the vibration of what we are creating and attracting around us.  We begin to actually manifest for ourselves that new reality of our dreams, one that is real and as much a part of our truth as the limited one we have been experiencing previously.

So…affirmations. Having the seed of perfection within us, we already are whatever we seek.  We are not lying to ourselves to say those positive things despite what we have manifested to this point in our lives to create the circumstances our eyes see.  I may see fat or dumb or broke or alone, but I have within me all that I need to create its opposite and more.  Believing in our innate Divinity and the perfect ideal (we are both) leads us our current experiences towards our Divinity.  It is important to tell ourselves, and believe, every day that we are perfect beings having human experiences to learn and grow.  That is more true than anything changing we may see in a blink of an eye…what we call “reality” right now.

Here’s a powerful mantra given to me by a dear, departed mentor so filled with joy.  Zoe taught me to say:

I AM that I am.

I AM that I am.

I AM Divine.

ALL that I need is already mine!

I CREATE MY REALITY by my thoughts and the words I say.

I FLOW with abundant GRATITUDE for my blessings today.

Try saying that three times in the mirror every morning.  Look yourself deep in the eyes.  After a few days of this new habit, notice how life begins to change!

We are not what we see or feel in this moment, no matter how real it seems!  This moment is showing us but one small facet of the diamond that each of us is, with more sides and facets and reflections and Light than we can possibly imagine!

Namaste and much love to you,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder

Journey of Possibilities ~ Holistic, Spiritual Living

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