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Seeing Things Differently

Recently, I’ve begun praying that God would help me to “see things differently and find the best, most healing path” in areas of my life where I become frustrated, hurt, angry, impatient, or confused. It is amazing how quickly a receptive heart praying this earnestly will begin to see other aspects of a situation that open new possibilities, understanding, and healing. Let me give you an example relating to career.

Have you ever chosen a job you just knew you wanted, and prepared yourself for the day it became available so you could apply? Maybe you’ve had a job you loved but something happened there, and you promised yourself you’d return to that work one day.  Both of these opportunities presented themselves for me this week, and the most amazing thing happened.  I no longer see my future in either role!  In fact, I am completely certain that God has something else in store for me, bigger than I ever dared to dream for myself.   I prayed about each opportunity, and instead saw myself much happier elsewhere than I’ve ever been…creating Journey of Possibilities!   God helped me to see things differently and know instinctively the right course of action….and trust this vision will be realized in perfect Divine time and order.   He also showed me that our possibilities are not among those visible to us in this reality, but the realm of ALL possibilities known and visible to Him and made available to us by giving Him control of our life.

Is there someone with whom you are frustrated? Is a particular area of your life feeling blocked? Is there some lesson that keeps presenting itself in the same annoying way over and over in your life?  Try praying with a truly open heart for God to help you see things differently with regard that that person or circumstance and find the best, most healing path for your future.   This prayer opens the door to abundant peace and allows miracles to happen in your  life!

Sheryl Sitts

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