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Relationships & Electronic Communication

It has been my pleasure this week to visit briefly with Mario Rosales, Founder of Tech-Life Balance to discuss how we can choose the best way to communicate in different situations:

There were a couple of points we didn’t make in our conversation I’d like to add regarding how we can best take care of our relationships as we communicate.  First, others appreciate when we notice and respect their feelings. Some people are more comfortable talking on the phone, while others prefer email or text. Some never text at all. It is very helpful to consider the other person’s feelings in choosing how you communicate so as to make them as comfortable as possible.

Second, other people do not owe us anything!  We’ve often come to expect that others ‘should’ respond within some imaginary amount of time because we know they have a phone or ‘should’ be checking their email at work. How did we ever come to think this way?  They are the master of their own Universe and we can never know all of their circumstances!  Again, we are back to patience and respect. It really changes things if we instead assume that they will get back to us as soon as it is convenient for them to do so. Even if they are doing nothing, isn’t the need to relax and unplug just as real and important as the need to do anything else?

The more we are respectful, patient, and loving in our own approach and expectations, the richer our own lives and relationships will become. This always begins with our relationship to self.  Let’s take the time to unplug and respect our own need to rest and rejuvenate. When we value this, we understand and value others need to do this also.

Yours in Spirit,
Sheryl Sitts, Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)
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