Those who stand in their personal POWER powerfully serve.– TDR –

2- Tonya Dawn Recla Personal POWER is THE Solution GraphicAs the escalation of turmoil continues in our society and past tried-and-true methods no longer work, thought-leaders frantically search for a solution. The irony is that the solution is simple. I don’t suggest that the very real issues facing us right now are trivial, but their resolution can only come from one place…within.

This isn’t a kum-ba-yah-join-hands-and-sing concept. This is deeper and much more serious than that. The very POWER we seek to resolve this mess is the same we carry — and have always carried — inside. In an attempt to touch the surface of this concept, I offer the imagery of head/heart, ego/spirit, separate/integrated, etc. By trying to heal very deep and embedded wounds of our societies and selves, the solution must derive from very deep and embedded aspects of personal POWER.

Let’s be clear here. A common argument is, “Isn’t POWER corrupt and the very thing that got us in this mess?” There’s an extreme difference between true personal POWER and fear masquerading as POWER. True personal POWER simply exists and those who possess it wield it with authority beyond common comprehension. It rules with grace and knowing and is not inherently abrasive. Fear masquerading as POWER absolutely is what got us in the mess. It’s time to respect POWER for what it is and use it with positive intention.

So what does that mean? Assuming you agree with this premise, a logical question to follow is: How do we access this POWER?

And there’s the rub. The path that leads to personal POWER is filled with obstacles, fears, baggage, patterns of behavior, and so much more that the journey truly weeds out the faint-of-heart and quick-fix folks. But those of you who get what I’m saying have tasted the freedom that comes at the end of the journey. You’ve glimpsed a vision of a world without pride and greed driven obsession. And you KNOW, truly KNOW, in the very essence of your being, that you agreed to walk that path and aid that fight.

For us, personal POWER is THE solution. And here’s another catch…the journey each of us takes individually to achieve personal POWER just got very short. There’s work to be done and if you truly are committed to doing that work, your path just took the fast track. Hang on because it’s time for you to Stand in Your POWER.

About the Author: From the corporate world to the spy world and from rape victim to motherhood, Tonya Dawn Recla embodies the definition of personal power. She holds a B.A. in intercultural communication and M.A. in education/critical theory from Arizona State University. Her current projects include finishing her second book, The Dragon Queen, and providing intuitive consulting to her decision-making, change-agent clients ( She and her husband currently travel the world with their 3 year-old daughter.

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