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My Gift to You…

giftTwo years ago, I had a full-time job at a nonprofit organization where I was proud of the difference I made for youth and education. In my off hours I attended grad school full time, volunteered in the community, and took care of things as a single homeowner.  Sure I was busy, but I was proud of being ‘successful’ by today’s social standards, well, except for my unexpected divorce a few months prior. I told myself I was getting through that until one day I suffered back pains which I later discovered are quite common in people who are ‘carrying too much’ in their lives. I’d stopped for a quick massage between work and school when I unexpectedly met a very gifted holistic practitioner.  That became the beginning of a turning point in my life, and since then I’ve met some of the most incredible people as I continued to explore holistic healing and wellness.  My experiences, insights, and transformation have been profound, and I’ve enjoyed having you along thru this blog each week.  However, I’ve also had a growing passion to share these people, products, and services with you and connect with other like spirited individuals. Now I’m excited to announce that my dream is coming true for me, and for YOU!

My dear friend Mario Rosales founder of Tech-Life Balance. has been along with me throughout much of this healing path and we both been transformed, and continue to experience powerful shifts, in this holistic journey.  He has known my passion to connect and share this, and he has urged me for months to develop an online community.  I always thanked him but told him I wanted a REAL community where I could connect live with folks. He patiently continued explaining his vision and how the online community would get together in person, and people who met live could connect online, and all the other people who could participate as well. He was right, of course, but it took me a while to understand and share this vision.  Meanwhile he listened when I would get on my soapbox, like this:

Human tribes once lived in harmony with nature and killed only what they needed for food or warmth. We planted and harvested with the seasons and made spirituality a part of our daily lives. Although we may be grateful for many modern comforts now compared with those times, can’t we all agree that we are way out of balance with Mother Earth and fellow man?  Now we live isolated lives in communities, each in our private cars rushing between climate controlled buildings eating processed foods and barely knowing our neighbors or spending any time in nature at all.  Stress is our modern-day plague, and we seek relief in computers, TVs, video games and mobile devices until we can’t be still with ourselves, let alone truly connect with each other.  We even race through our most painful experiences, stuffing our feelings with ‘comfort’ food, alcohol, drugs, shopping work, or whatever until we end up sick and dis-eased. Then we pop a pill, cut out our ailing parts, and get back to busy as soon as possible.  Has the whole thing gone mad?  What if I’d never found help?  What if others don’t?  How can I help?  For some it’s a matter of life & death, for others it’s quality of life!

Yes, Mario is a great listener when I carry on like this. Thank God!  He persisted about this online community, and now it is with hearts full of love that we both invite you to join us and experience the alternative at (accessible from my original website via the COMMUNITY tab).  Come explore, connect, play, and tell us what you think. Let us know how we can make it even better for you, and join me in holding a vision for people to live together with peace, purpose, and passion…naturally.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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