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Life After Harvey: It’s Time to Release, Reevaluate, and Rebuild An Even Better Life


“I’ve been through bad storms before, but when the waters started rising, I just got scared!  I didn’t know what to do,” a good friend recalled solemnly.

How many of us felt just like that as Hurricane Harvey blasted through Houston this past weekend?  As the image to the left shows, it all happened very fast!  I think many of us are still in shock.  In four days, Harvey has changed Texas and the lives of all it touched.  We will all have some degree of PTSD as numbness and shock are replaced by waves of other emotions and we realize the degree of change and loss we’ve experienced.

This is not the time to run from our emotions, but to allow them to come up and to honor ourselves by expressing them with all the intensity they summon.  As we feel them fully, we allow them to move through us and on their way so we can be on our way.  Stuffing them instead means they are always just beneath the surface waiting to be triggered, and the amount of energy stuffing them takes only leads to illness and dis-ease as they build and amass in there over weeks, months, and years.  We can only make a fresh, clean start by letting it out…all of it!  Emotions don’t kill us, but stuffing them does.


As we move continue to move through those emotional waves, we can begin to take a really fresh look at our lives.  Noticing exactly where we are at today, knowing all that we know, what might we change to make our lives better?  Why would we simply rebuild the same lives that had those big frustrations or empty places in them, when this can be a catalyst to make those big life changes we’ve been wanting, to build something better, more fulfilling, more meaningful!  What weren’t we crazy about in our lives before this?How might we change that?  Can we make this a turning point into the infinite possibilities that await us allowing ourselves to courageously take a chance?  Are we finally ready to let our hearts lead the way into brighter futures?

VolunteeringI would be remiss not to add that the most healing way through a tragedy comes though helping others who are struggling.  Donate needed items to help others.  Volunteer.  Cook a meal.  Help rescued animals.  Adopt a family and support them in rebuilding.  When two open hearts come together looking ahead optimistically to the next moment, both find renewed gratitude and clarity of purpose.  We are also reminded at a very meaningful time that we are not alone.  What a gift!

Bless you and yours throughout this time of great change in our community.  I and many others are all here to encourage and support one another.  Let’s take this excuse to become the best versions of ourselves and create the lives we really want. If there’s anything I can do to help you, please contact me, and/or comment below.

Continued love, Light, and prayers in this Journey of Possibilities,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach & Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities

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